Friday, August 21, 2009

My Second Carving Attempt...

This time I decided to try going with the "Get me a Beer" Wood Carving Pattern.
This is a side on view of how far I got in my first night (only using hand tools, no power tools).
This took a very long time, only using various chisels, and a paring knife.
This is a front on view of the same carving, as it currently is. I will probably be working on this for some time.


  1. Hayden,
    its tougher to carve with bad dull tools you loose lots of wood to tear out and miss cuts

    using a knife only and making stop cuts and parting cuts will help you, along with a good carving sharp blade..

  2. Thanks for the tips.
    I plan on getting hold of a whetstone shortly to sharpen my tools.

    I am using a paring knife, as I can't find anywhere locally in New Zealand that seems to have carving knives.

    The chisels I used for removing the large sections of waste wood are pretty dull, but the others are still pretty sharp.