Monday, August 24, 2009

Found a fellow carver over the weekend...

Over the weekend I went to a shared lunch that our local church organized, and while there I met someone who has been in the carving and furniture making business for quite some time.

He was very helpful, and provided me with a few tips, and a couple of bits of wood to practice carving with, and indicated that he had more wood I could have if I had a particular project in mind, once I had a bit more experience.

It was definately very nice to find an experienced wood carver that I can bring questions too, and he seems eager to share his knowledge, so that is quite good.

When I mentioned that my first two attempts at carving have been in Radiata Pine, he indicated that pine was particularly difficult to carve with, so hopeful the wood he has provided will be easier.

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  1. Hey Hayden, just today I was doing a good deal of research into modern and ancient wood carving in New Zealand and stumbled across your blog. I'm going to be visiting beginning May 27th and am thinking about making a short film about the history of the Maori culture and perhaps go on a journey to find the oldest and richest carvings. It is very interesting how the carvings have their own language. The Maori are a fascinating group, wealthy in cultural treasures. I would love to get some interviews with other people who share a passion for the culture and perhaps adventure for an artifact of my own in the Taranaki wetlands. Any contacts, tips, or collaboration I might be interested in would be awesome! Thanks! E-mail me at ericreator (at)