Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Beginning...

After several months of considering getting in to Woodcarving, I decided that I should stop thinking about it and do something about it.

Stopping in at my local Mitre 10 on Wednesday last week, I picked up a basic set of wood carving tools for the very cheap price of $17 NZ. I then went home and quickly found that the pieces of Radiata Pine wood that I had did not seem particularly good for carving, so I then went first to the internet, and then to the public library to find more information on Wood Carving, and what types of wood would be most suitable.

The internet was not alot of help, as it mainly gave a list of the woods commonly used in America, and Europe, alot of which are not available in New Zealand, however I was able to find a book in the public library that listed woods that were suitable for carving that are generally available in New Zealand. The book was Wood Carving: Techniques, Concepts and Projects for New Zealanders

I also watched a series of YouTube videos about wood carving, and found that they gave a fair amount of insight, even though they were not specifically about the type of wood carving I was wanting to do (Relief wood carving).

I will post a list of these YouTube videos at a later point (as I am currently at work, where YouTube is blocked).

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